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Faith-fueled: Entrepreneurship • Marketing & Business • Women's Empowerment & Unlearning the Lies.

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About My Dream.

I was staring out the window of the office of the company I work for and I was asking God, The Master of The Universe, to rescue me, just like he rescued the children of Israel from the clutches of Pharaoh. Then the thought came to me, "There must me other woman in the world, staring out their windows, asking a similar question." Thinking rescue me. Rescue me from the long hours of work and not enough hours left to actually enjoy and spend time with the ones you love. Rescue me from the stress, rescue me from the people-pleasing, rescue me from the boss-pleasing, rescue me from the more month than money cycle, rescue me from the only 2 days off to cram everything into it that you couldn’t get done all work week, rescue me from the carrot chasing...

There had to be more out there like me asking for deliverance from the same things... I’m set out to find those woman, a group of woman to form a mass exodus from the corporate jungle of slave drivers. A group of women craving a life of MORE!

You are no longer a slave.

The moment you believe it.